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I just wanted you to know you are great.  I really love this system - it is so nice and easy to learn. Thanks. You have been an angel to me.  Thanks so much.
Carmen          Collections Unlimited

Q~Check is certainly the best program for printing check drafts, period. I've demoed many similar programs in the past and they were always lacking in one aspect or another.

For one thing, Q~Check drafts look awesome. Your banker will not question the item in the least when you make a deposit. I can't say that for the competition. The program itself is very intuitive. I was immediately printing checks within five minutes and I never touched an instruction manual.

The Bank Database is an added option that I highly recommend. It definitely takes the program to the next level, and will help you correct any errors in your data. It's also awesome for finding the bank phone numbers so you can verify funds on the checks you create. 

Last but certainly not least, the technical support on the program is second to none. Help, if needed, is only an email or phone call away...and best of all immediate!

Jeff Simone           ARK International        jeffsimone@hotmail.com

I am a raving fan. The product has saved me thousands in credit card fees since I began using it in November of 2003 and always ensures a received check in hand. No more waiting for the deal to be mailed. The Bank database is invaluable and for a little more, I can't imagine why anyone would not opt for that feature.

I recommend your software to many people. It's fantastic and paid for itself the first time I used it!

Steve              Third Dimension Advertising

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!!!!

Randy Champion           Juno Investment Group

This is fantastic easy to use software that has enabled us to smoothly increase our income. No more   "checks in the mail". No problems at the bank. No problems with customers. I even lost the software when my computer crashed and had a replacement within hours from Wally Bruchman. The service was great!

Lynn Irons                    Management Training International

Wally - Thank you so much for your prompt and courteous replies to our e-mailed questions, as well as for adding on the additional Payee.  We have used the Q-Check software extensively.  It is always a pleasure working with you.  

David H. Moon, Esq.             Albert Speisman & Associates, P.C.

I love this Software -  it's the absolute best check by fax writing software on the Net by far!

Randy                 webmaster@topshelfentertainment.com

We have been using q-check for over 6 months now and we couldn't be happier.  It has revolutionized the way we do business.  Our accounts receivable has declined by 50% thanks to q-check.  I couldn't say enough good things about q-check.  Flawless is the best way to describe q-check.  Highly recommended!!!!!  

R Kuhn           Tykuhn Services

I installed the software easily and began using it from day one. No problem. This is great. My colleague had to admit the software paid for itself in the first days of use. The paper stock is a bargain when purchasing direct from Q-check.

Obviously, this company is not making that much money and proud to offer their product and help the payment processing community. I think in the long run Q-check will grow and prosper.

Thanks Q-check....

Michael B.

My office administrator spent countless hours researching various "electronic check processing" software's.  Hands down, your company came out way ahead of the rest in ease of use,  customer service, your personal response time when called and the overall  format of your program.
 Without hesitation, we would recommend your software to any company or  individual who is considering this type of program. 
 Thank you for providing us with this opportunity to comment on your product.
 Glen F. Kubista                    kubista@aol.com                www.gkubista.com

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