Take Checks by Phone or Fax
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What Is It?  
How Does It Work?

Q~Check is a powerful Windows based software that allows a business to print a check draft of their customer's check when authorized and immediately deposit the check draft.

No signature is required for deposit.  Check law does not require that a check draft be signed by the payor (customer).  The check drafts that are produced on Q~Check carry the following statement in the check signature block area:


Payment has been authorized by the depositor.
Payee to hold you harmless for payment of this document.
This document shall be deposited only to credit of payee.
Absence of endorsement is guaranteed by payee's bank.

In order to print and deposit a customer check draft an authorization is required by your customer.  You can take the information by phone, fax, or email.  If you receive a faxed check or form save the check or form in your records as proof of authorization.  If you take the information by phone supply the customer with a receipt of the transaction.  Q~Check allows for 1 up check draft printing - print a check on top and two receipts - one receipt for the merchant records and one to be mailed (address fits in the glassine envelope window) to the customer.

The check paper that is used is regular check security paper stock with all the features and colors of a normal check including an endorsement section on the back.  Check paper can be purchased through Q~Check - 
- or can be purchased at your local office supply stores.  We sell blue marble stock with 3 checks to a page.  The sheets are 8.5 x 11" and each check is 3.5 by 8" with a 1/2" strip on the bottom.  A popular brand that can also be purchased is by Versa Check - form 1000 or 3000.  The 1000 is 1 check up with two receipts and the 3000 is 3 checks to a page. 

Q~Check prints one time checks and recurring check drafts.  You can put in a series of checks and determine the print date, check number, and amount for each check.  You can wait until the effective date to print them or print them all at once and deposit them at the appropriate time. 

You can easily bring up a check draft and mark it for reprint and immediately reprint the check.  Payment journals will record only the single payment on reprints.  You can also recycle a check draft - bring up a payor who has previously had a check in system, update the information and print. 
Importing is easily accomplished using ASCII comma delimited text files which are very common and can be easily created - including in excel.  Simply import the data and go right to print - large check volumes can easily be handled this way.  Export allows you to export data about your payors, check records, bank information etc., in comma delimited format.  You can specify export information by Name, Id Numbers, date ranges, etc. for a large degree of flexibility. 

The system has complete record keeping journals for all printed checks and also for all unprinted checks.  You can also bring up a customer check and view their print record and all future checks to be printed. 

Q~Check is free for 30 days and at the end of that period you can purchase for a one year period for $ 99.00 -  each year after that is $ 59.00 per year and continues the bank database updates, full tech support, free upgrades, replacement software if lost, etc. 

You can register and download the software and try it out absolutely free for 30 days - start printing checks today - make sure you like it before you buy it.  Download here.

Using the system is extremely easy and to make it even easier the installed software has a training video that shows the basic check enter and print.  In addition, there are more videos online that explain in detail other functions of the software.  View the Video Tutorials Now.