Take Checks by Phone or Fax
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Q~Check Pricing

The following are included in your 1 year license:

  • Periodic Updates to 25,000 Bank Database
  • Free Upgrades With All New Features
  • Replacement Software if Lost 
  • Free Updating of "Pay To" Names
  • Free Tech Support by Email, Web, Phone
  • See all the Terms and Conditions

After year 1 each successive year that you renew is $ 59.00 per year and all of the updates, upgrades, replacement, and tech support above still apply. 

Full Price Schedule:

1st 30 Days Free
1 Year Initial License $ 99.00
1 Year Renewal  $ 59.00

Q-Check Paper:

Check safety paper with 3 checks per page.  Quicken compatible business checks.  Print as 3 checks or print a top check and two receipts - your choice.  You can purchase the paper from us or from your local supply stores. 

Check Paper Pricing Includes Delivery (FedEx Ground):

100 Sheets (300 Checks) $ 23.95
200 Sheets (600 Checks)  $  36.95
500 Sheets (1500 Checks) $  64.95
2500 Sheets (7500 Checks) $ 159.95