check by phone processing


Q~Check is a powerful electronic check processing check writing software that allows merchants of all sizes to do check by phone processing for their customers.  Simply have your customer provide their account information over the phone, key that information into the software, and print out a check by phone for deposit.  No signature is required to deposit the check and the deposit checks by phone is valid in all banks in all 50 states. 

30 Days Free Check Processing

No more waiting for the "check is in the mail" - when your customers agree to pay by check by phone simply take their information, input into the software and print out a check - the check that is printed is a facsimile of  their normal check with the exception of the signature line.  

With Q~Check electronic check processing you can print out a check by phone that will look just like a check they would send you with all of their information on the check. The only difference is that it does not have a signature line - but an authorization to deposit.

It is important that you tell your customer to record the check using the check number they provide as a record in their check register.  The original check should be destroyed.
The Q~Check that is printed is the same as any other check and should be treated the same by both merchant and customer.  View a check by phone printed check.

Q~Check is the easiest to use electronic check processing software in the market today.  And yet it is extremely powerful.  Please check out the features and benefits of Q~Check check by phone. 

How Check by Phone works