Take Checks by Phone or Fax
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Tech Support:


1.  I bought the software - Now how do I install it?
Just download and install  - this is actually a full working version of the software with a pay to line that reads "Non Registered Version".  Once you have done this just click on the activation link, install the email address you registered with and activate the software. 

2.  How do I print a check?
Q~Check is the world's easiest to use check by fax software.  Here are the instructions to print a one time check:

       A.  Click the “Enter Checks” speed button on the menu bar
B. The “Payor Search” screen appears – click “New”
C. The “Payor Info " screen appears
D. Enter the Payor information
E. Once completed click on the “Check Info” tab and enter the check information.
F. When you enter the routing number you will be taken to the “Bank Search”  database and asked to select the proper bank or insert the bank information if this is the first time in the system for your bank – once in it will be saved for future use.
G. Save the data
H.  Click on “Print Checks”
I. Select the print order of the checks – Alpha or Numeric and whether to print “One Time” or “Recurring Checks”
J. Select the individual checks to print or select “All”
K.  Click the “Print” button to print the selected items.

3.  How do I install a shortcut on my desktop?
The Shortcut is automatically installed by our Auto-Install program. 

4.  What format is exported data in?
Export and import are done in comma delimited with quote encapsulated fields.  Exported data can be easily opened in Excel or just about any spread sheet program. 

5.  Some check by fax programs tend to lose the MICR fonts - does this one?
We have an auto load program that automatically loads the fonts - you should not have a problem with Windows losing the fonts.

6.  How about ongoing tech support?
Ongoing tech support is available on the web, by email, and by phone. 

7.  Are there any printer issues?
On some laser printers, especially HP, the MICR numbers do not always print or print completely.  The issue is that these printers are not set to automatically download the MICR true fonts from the software.  Usually this can be easily fixed by updating drivers on the HP website to install the latest true font drivers or by simply selecting the "Properties" tab in the printer setup window and selecting on "download true type fonts" or "download true type fonts as graphics". 

8.  What operating systems does it work on?

9.  What if I need new software?
If your computer crashes or you need to install on additional computers just click on this link to request a new software: CLICK HERE FOR NEW SOFTWARE  

10.  How do I add or change Pay To names on the software?
Just click on the link and fill out the form to submit to us to make the changes: CLICK TO ADD OR CHANGE NAMES

Check by phone how it works