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Verify Your Checks 

Built in to every Q~Check system is the ability to Verify checks - this system allows check verification via the click of a button from the check information screen on the Q~Check software.  

HOW IT WORKS - Just click the Verification button on the Q~Check software after inputting the check data and the check information is sent to a database containing 85% of the nation's checking accounts that is updated by the banking system each and every business morning.  

RESPONSE CODES - Within seconds you will receive a response regarding the check being verified primary emphasis on whether the account is an open account in good standing or not.  The verification tool is extremely viable in determining whether or not to deposit a check or ship out merchandise.

BEST RESPONSES IN THE INDUSTRY - Our system not only suggests check accept or decline but we give you the reason for the decline and the response is based on real data supplied by the bank system.

Here are samples of the response codes:
  • VALID, OPEN, POSIT - Account Verified. Valid account, open, positive balance
  • BANK SAYS CLOSED -  The bank has reported this account closed
  • ACH ONLY ACCOUNT - This is a prepaid debit account only
  • NEG/OVERDRAWN - Negative Statue - overdrawn
  • FRAUD/STOLEN ACCT -Fraud, forged  or stolen checks reported

WHAT IS NEEDED TO DO VERIFICATIONS - In order to do verifications a customer needs to have a current Q~Check software license and then simply needs to purchase verifications.  

HOW TO PURCHASE VERIFICATIONS - Verifications can be purchased in advance and the system tracks the quantity available to use.  Click here for Verification Pricing.

VERIFICATIONS DURING 30 DAY TRIAL - During the Q~Check 30 day trial period verifications can be purchased and used but we do not supply trial or free verifications.  If all verifications are not used by the end of the 30 day trial and a customer wishes an extension on the trial contact us for a software adjustment.

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